Elfia Arcen 2020 Fantasy-Costume-Cosplay music video MV UHD 4K

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Thank you for all of you to be part of UWCosplay Fantasy-Costume music video :)
It was amazing event at Elfia Arcen in The Netherlands!
Eflia poster cover model: Jumeria

Please when you share my video on social media tagged me as
UWCosplay (instagram, facebook,tiktok and on twitter)
Thank you in advance!

There will be two Elfia Arcen UWCosplay video part 1 is this one and the other will be directed cut version because too long to put it as first version. when exactly come the longer version I can't tell yet.

Credits Fantasy/costume/cosplayers:
1. ???
3. Carly_nagisa on instagram
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. Saihigh on intagram
9. Lynxicosplay on Instagram
10. Reava_red on instagram
11. Kuramicos on Instagram
12. Both boblumii on instagram
13. ???
14. mikeattingerphoto on instagram
15. ???
16. annahime_chan on Instagram
17. sammyscosplay on Insta,fb,tiktok
18. ???
19. gd_mischief_cosplay on Instagram
20. Shiokuro_ on Instagram
21. Merlijn Peereboom, michael Addink,Niels Kantebeen,Marieke van de Esschert
, Coriene van der meer,Rowan Addink,Bart van de Esschert, Sarie Verheughe
22. Takahirocosplay and Rainfell.cos on instagram
23. Daisy Chan and boyfriend
24. Creative Cosplay Collective on facebook
25. Creative Cosplay Collective on facebook
26. Dae_joon on instagram
27. lavendel.cosplay on instagram
28. Foedhrass on instagram
29. owloftomorrow on instagram
30. dragonjanea on instagram
31. luminouscosplay on intagram
32. keatoncosplay on instagam
33. ??
34. ??
35. ??

Music part 1:
COPYRIGHT FREE Cinematic Music | Cinematic Background Music No Copyright by MUSIC 4VIDEO

Music part 2:
NO COPYRIGHT Cinematic Background Music | Epic Cinematic Music No Copyright | MUSIC4VIDEO

Music part 3:
Cinematic Hybrid Trailer by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Disaster

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